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 A Journey to the Truth!
A Journey to the Truth!
Imam Mahdi, the Shining Sun
Imam Mahdi, the Shining Sun

Dedicated to Imam al-Jawad

Imam Muḥammad Ibn Ali Ibn Musa, also known as Imam al-Jawad (the generous) or Imam Muhammad Taqi (the pious), was born in Madina, on the 10th of Rajab 195 Hijri (12.4.811 AD).
He occupied the highest position in human virtues and moral attainments as this was the marked feature of the Ahlulbayt (the Prophet’s Family). It was customary for the Imam to meet everyone humbly, fulfill the needs of the poor, maintain Islamic requisites of equality and simplicity, help the poor secretly, treat even foes fairly, impart true Islamic knowledge to all, especially to the scholars of religion and the like.
He Died in Baghdad on the last day of Zeeqad 220 Hijiri (27.11.835) and was buried by the side of his grandfather Imam Musa ibn Ja’far in al-Kazimayn or al-Kazimiya in Iraq. It is because of the two Imams that the city was called al-Kazimayn (the two Kazims). Kazim means the one who suppresses his anger.
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