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Published: 2011/10/19 10:23
Published: 2017/4/24 10:46
Israeli forces have shot and injured a Palestinian woman, whom they alleged to have attempted a stabbing attack against an Israeli police officer near a checkpoint between the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem al-Quds.
Published: 2017/4/24 10:44
A car bomb explosion has hit an area near a military camp in Afghanistan’s Khost Province, officials say.

Published: 2017/4/22 14:39
Israeli forces have clashed with a group of Palestinians demonstrating to express their solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners in Israeli jails.
Published: 2017/4/22 14:37
The Lebanese army has arrested at least 10 "dangerous" terrorists following their infiltration into the Arab country from the northeastern border with Syria.
Published: 2017/4/22 14:35
US Defense Secretary James Mattis has called North Korea’s recent threats of launching a nuclear attack against the United States empty.